Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asian Civilisation Museum - China

Dehua porcelain place, a country in the Fujian province. Originated as early as the 12th century, its quality reached a high point in the 17th century. Techniques such as press-moulding and slip-casting(commonly used from the early 20th century onwards) were employed to create a wide repertoire of wares over the centuries. This ranged from religious figurines to scholar's objects and utilitarian wares. Initially produced for use in homes and temples in China, these refined wares eventually sparked off a strong interest in Southeast Asia and Europe, evident from the huge collection of Augustus the Strong(1670-1733) and the Meissen imitations. There continues to be a thriving ceramic industry in Dehua today with figurines being today with figurines being made in traditional and modern styles, as well as the mass production of household crockery.

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